HBL 2021 Challenge #1 - Solutions

News Flash

The Chatsworth turtles have been found!

Congratulations to Gitika, Amaya, Christian, Anusha, and Ryeong for being first on scene to rescue the turtles! They were transported safely back to school and are enjoying their normal routine again. Well done to the other teams who arrived in the secret Google Meet later on, and also to everyone who managed to solve part of the puzzle.

The solutions to the challenge are in the pictures below:

The first "x" is the fifth letter in the word after “car” on a poster in a room that also contains a skeleton called Bone Jovi.

The second "x" is the first letter of an express supermarket you’ll find in one of the classrooms.

The third "x" comes in the alphabet two letters before the first letter of the animal that is by the Library door.

The fourth "x" is the only letter that appears twice on the red Kindergarten slide.

The fifth "x" is the nth letter of the alphabet, where n is half the number of triangles in each red climbing dome next to Kindergarten.

The sixth "x" is the first letter of the lifesaving device outside the Nurse’s office.

The seventh "x" is the first letter of the names of people who were born on 20th April, 8th September and 6th October.

The eighth "x" is the first letter on the license plate of the grey car that is parked in school.

The ninth "x" is the fourth letter of the country which has its flag between the flags of East Timor and Papua New Guinea.

The tenth "x" is hanging from the ceiling of the Secondary Art room with coloured urns painted on it.