Home Based Learning

Information on HBL at Chatsworth International School.

Please use this site as the "go-to guide" for all info on HBL at Chatsworth. We will update this site as things change.

Welcome everyone, We are excited to implement Home-Based Learning and we are grateful to have the resources to be able to adapt to a changing environment.

It is our aim that students will:

  1. Stay connected with school, we will support them

  2. Maintain a healthy social connection with their peers, as appropriately as possible

  3. Continue to learn in a new learning environment

We have created this website to be our online home during HBL. This will house information and an overview of our aims and expectations for its rollout, as well as relevant resources, contacts and information on school wide virtual events. We will continue to update this site as we develop our program.

Our Mission is to Inspire, Educate & Enlighten. During HBL we encourage our students to continue to be caring, motivated and passionate students who stay safe and embed our Schoolwide Learner Outcome daily into their lives no matter where they are in the world.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO)

Chatsworth Students and Graduates are:

PRINCIPLED - They take safe and informed actions which create a positive impact on our changing world. (Self-Management)

BALANCED - Through adaptability, collaboration and resilience, they lead balanced and compassionate lives. (Social)

GLOBAL COMMUNICATORS - Who communicate effectively on multiple platforms in a global context. (Communication)

THINKERS - They engage in thought and research to solve problems. (Research & Thinking)