How parents can support HBL

A general guide for supporting your child through the implementation and daily routine of HBL

Parent responsibilities

Please support your child by:

  • creating a space for students to work, free of distraction

  • checking for parent email updates from the school

  • discussing with your child what they have learnt at the end of the day

  • actively engage with your child's learning

  • encourage breaks for physical activity

  • monitor how much time your child is using technology, let's keep a healthy balance

Student responsibilities and behaviour (consider in relation to the age of your child)

  • have children set a daily routine

  • do their best in all tasks

  • encourage them to complete set tasks in the allocated time

  • communicate with teachers when problems arise

  • maintain high levels of Digital Citizenship, as set out in the Acceptable Use Policies (Primary, Secondary)

  • ensure your child's dress and behaviour is appropriate online.

Child wellbeing

Some tips for looking after your child's wellbeing during this time of isolation:

  • explain the reasons the Singapore government have initiated these "circuit breaker" measures, so they understand the situation to reduce any anxiety

  • help your child to think about how they have coped with other difficult situations in the past and reassure them that they will be ok in this situation too

  • remind them that school will return and this won't last forever

  • exercise - this greatly reduces stress

  • reach out to friends and family - utilise technologies (where appropriate) to keep in touch with family members and friends

Keeping in touch

Make sure you follow communications from the school very closely during this time. Know what your child is expected to be doing each day, have them explain and show you what they have to do. If you have any questions, do reach out to us.

Using Technology

To participate in HBL, we don't advise parents to purchase any software beyond the school provided software platforms. At Chatsworth we utilise:

  • G Suite - Google Apps. Students can access their student portal by logging in to Google Chrome with their student ID and password and clicking the home button.

  • Google Classroom (part of G Suite). Secondary students will use this as their main platform to connect with their classes and find work.

  • Seesaw. This is used by primary students.

  • Additional school approved subscription sites, as assigned by teachers.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Familiarise yourself with your child's AUP by age level. Spend some time with them to review the main points of Digital Citizenship. This can help reinforce the aspects we cover in school.

Managing Screentime

With some considerable time being spent online for learning at home and the loss of school social and learning interactions happening throughout the day, it is important to be mindful of children's non-academic screen time in combination with academic screen time during HBL. Encourage regular breaks, consider if a task requires technology at all, and exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body.