HBL in Secondary

This information is written for students and we encourage parents to read carefully as well.

Secondary HBL Essential Agreements

Students agree to...

  1. Create a space at home free of distraction.

  2. Engage with all online classes fully, joining each lesson on time.

  3. Contribute positively to online learning platforms.

  4. Know what is required in a learning module and seek help from teachers via school email and/or questions in Google Classroom if needed.

  5. Complete learning modules in time for the following lesson.

Expectations of Student Participation

A message from the Dean of Students, Mr Newberry.

The HBL Platform

You must check in on Google Classroom for each of the classes as set out on your HBL Timetable.


Your HBL timetable is here. You will have homeroom at 8:50am and then two classes per day, one at 9am and another at 1pm. These are mandatory to attend. Lessons will likely last for about an hour.

  • At 8:50am go to your Homeroom's Google Classroom and click on the Google Meet link.

  • At 9am, go to the Period 1 classroom and click on the Google Meet link.

  • At 1pm, go to the Period 2 classroom and click on the Google Meet link.

If you don't know where to go, or if there are any problems (class is missing? etc) then contact the Secondary Office. Mr Costich, Mr Newberry and Mr Burke are other people you can ask for help as well.

"IF IN DOUBT, REACH OUT!" by sending us an email.

Why don't we just use the normal school timetable?

We don't want you to be spending all day staring at a video conference screen. Remember, we always try to limit screen-time. Therefore, teachers will set out modules of learning for you to work on over several days. This will allow you to work at a steady pace with support in reach, without being in video conferences all day.

What is a module?

A module is a series of tasks in Google Classroom that your teacher will set for you to be completed before the next lesson. The entire module will be labelled in Google Classroom in the Classwork section, with activities underneath.

Do I only need to do school work at 9am-10am and 1pm-2pm?

No. Teachers will be giving you a module that will be the equivalent of about three periods of work. Ideally you will do your school work when you can through the day but, we understand that as you are at home, you may be sharing a study space and need to manage time around others in your house. Try to manage your time wisely and make use of any spare time during the day as much as you can.

How can I get support?

You can reach out to your teacher via email or post a class or private comment in Google Classroom. However, note that teachers will be responsive through the day and likely will not be responding to students after hours - just like any normal school day. Don't expect a teacher to respond until the next day if you email them after hours.

If you need additional support, such as tech help, counselling, etc, please see the people to contact on this page.

Can I video conference with my teacher?

Video conferencing will be in Google Meet during the HBL timetabled class times. Outside of this time, you can email your teacher 1 to 1.