HBL in Secondary

Years 7 and 8 are on Home-Based Learning until October 8th 2021. They will follow the regular school timetable, with 45 minute lessons and 10 minute screen breaks.

Click on the links below to find out more information regarding Home-Based Learning.

We look forward to seeing students on campus again soon!

Ms Dean (Head of Secondary)

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Secondary HBL Essential Agreements

Students agree to...

  1. Create a space at home free of distraction.

  2. Engage with all online classes fully, joining each lesson on time.

  3. Contribute positively to online learning platforms.

  4. Know what is required in a learning module and seek help from teachers via school email and/or questions in Google Classroom if needed.

  5. Complete learning modules in time for the following lesson.

Specific Expectations of Student Participation

In order to carry out the essential agreements, students will....

  1. Sit at a desk/table in a quiet space.

  2. Have the camera on.

  3. Mute the mic unless expected to speak.

  4. Use chat only when asked to by the teacher.

  5. Use the raise hand feature if you would like to speak.

  6. Do not distract others with changing backgrounds, bunny ears, etc.

  7. Treat HBL class like an in-person class. Focus on the class and do not multi-task with other activities.

  8. If you're late or have to leave a class, let your teacher know by email.

The HBL Platform

You must check in on Google Classroom at the scheduled time for each lesson. You'll find the Google Meet link there to join the live lesson.

If you are not sure, or if there are any problems (class is missing? etc) then contact the Secondary Office. Mr Costich, Mr Newberry and Ms Williams are other people you can also ask for help.

"IF IN DOUBT, REACH OUT!" by sending us an email.

Why don't we have a different HBL schedule?

From past experience of HBL, the younger students benefit from shorter chunks of time in each subject. Following the regular timetable enables this to happen, as well as minimum disruption to the timetable for our Year 9-13 students who are still learning on campus.

How can I get support?

You can reach out to your subject teacher via email or post a class or private comment in Google Classroom. However, note that teachers/homeroom teachers will be responsive through the day and likely will not be responding to students after hours - just like any normal school day. Don't expect a teacher to respond until the next day if you email them after hours - they need their rest time, too!

If you need additional support, such as tech help, counselling, etc, please see the people to contact on this page.

Can I video conference with my teacher?

Video conferencing will be in Google Meet during the HBL timetabled class times. Outside of this time, you can email your teacher 1 to 1.